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The establishment of crops is measured by the percentage of seeds that result in a viable crop. For example, what would be considered the 'good' part of a field might establish at 90%, whereas a 'poor' part may only establish at 50%.

SOYL customers have access to several tools designed to aid with managing crop establishment, as well as lots of information explaining why and how to use them for the best results. Recently, I wrote to our customers and explained the features and benefits of using a tool like MySOYL to manage establishment.

MySOYL establishment tools

Accessed via a single log on, SOYL's web-based business management tool, MySOYL, allows growers and advisors to record and analyse their precision farming data. Information can be easily added, retrieved and edited, as well as accurate test scenarios carried out without even needing to set foot in the field.

Having so much data available at the touch of a button means growers are able to make constructive, well-informed, profitable business decisions that ensure the best crop establishment possible. There is also the opportunity to take a look at potential long-term trends so future business strategies can be planned accordingly.

One particularly useful feature of MySOYL is the edit tool which allows you to create and amend multiple establishment layers or scenarios. Users will find original maps that have been created according to soil characteristics but these can be edited to reflect specific ground-conditions. For example, layers may highlight different years where different seed bed qualities were achieved, different crops, or indeed different seasons such as winter versus spring.

When creating establishment layers, it's important to note that you cannot directly edit the default layer as it is a 'System Layer'. However, you can create a new establishment layer (based upon the default) and edit that instead. If you have multiple layers and need to add a new and slightly different one, there is the option to copy an existing layer and go on to edit that too.

In addition, because managing establishment is iterative, over time you may want to refine some of the default figures controlling your drilling plans to better suit the methods you predominantly use.

Editing and creating establishment layers

When logged into the module, click 'Create' (or 'Edit' if you are editing) and follow these simple steps:

1.Select the 'Fields' tab to begin editing (you can edit multiple fields together)

2.Select the 'Zones' tab and use the drawing tools to change or create zones

3.Click the 'Set Rate' button to enter (or edit) the establishment percentage, or type the figures directly into the table.  

 You can find out more about the MySOYL application here, get training and support from a member of the SOYL team or log in to your account to get started.

​Tom Parker
​Head of products and technology

For specific advice for your business related to this blog or any other aspect of precision crop production get in touch with SOYL.

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Friday, 27 May 2022

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