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Multi N

Foliar nitrogen to boost protein in milling wheat  



  • Multi N is a foliar fertiliser that delivers nitrogen and sulphur for increased protein production, in the most efficient way.                                   

  • It is a concentrated foliar fertiliser containing 33% N, 25% SO3 plus essential additives for safe use.                                                                           

  • Containing ammonium thiosulphate for quick uptake of nitrogen and sulphur, providing a boost to protein levels, and is the most efficient foliar nitrogen fertiliser with 85% utilisation.


To achieve full milling specification it is vital that crops take up enough nitrogen and sulphur and with modern high yielding varieties that can be a real challenge. In these situations, foliar nitrogen products, like Multi N are integral to the fertiliser program. Multi N provides the most efficient utilisation because of its rapid foliar uptake and by minimising losses, helping growers to comply with NVZ constraints and ensure sufficient nitrogen is taken in by the plant.  

Sulphur is an important part of Multi N because both nitrogen and sulphur are needed to synthesise amino acids, the building blocks for protein. In the thiosulphate form it can easily be absorbed through the leaf making Multi N, perfectly formulated to give an excellent performance.



Benefits of Multi N 


wheat 19Simple foliar solutions can lose significant amounts of nitrogen to the atmosphere due to volatilisation, which is accentuated in warm sunny conditions. This doesn’t happen with Multi N because the nitrogen is stabilised by the use of synthetic latex to prevent losses by forming a skin on the surface of the droplet and also means Multi N becomes rainfast in just 30 minutes.

The lower volume of product per ha compared with conventional foliar urea means greater area can be covered per sprayer tank load, saving time, particularly important in catchy weather conditions. In comparison this also means the product has a very low risk of crop scorch. 

  • Can be safely tank mixed with most agrochemicals. 
  • Applied through conventional nozzles. 
  • Very low scorch risk. 
  • Available in 1000 litres IBCs or pumped into tanks. 
  • Cost effective for larger or smaller milling wheat growers. 
  • Environmentally friendly.


Multi N should be applied at the milky ripe stage, ideally early milky ripe at an application rate of 33 to 40 l/ha in 120 to 150 litres of water. 

A well timed application should increase grain protein on average between 0.5 to 0.7% which can really help to achieve milling premiums and improve the overall nitrogen efficiency of the crop.

The challenge for all milling wheat growers is the dilution of grain protein as yield increases, (highlighted in the figures below showing the influence yield and grain protein have on the nitrogen requirement of a wheat crop). This further emphasises the need for an efficient foliar nitrogen product in achieving milling wheat specification.



You must comply with the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) Nmax rules for your milling wheat crops, and Multi N can help, given the lower rate of nitrogen that is applied.


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