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Clearfield, HOLL & HEAR




Clearfield OSR varieties can be used where problem weed pressure is high. Particularly charlock, runch and hedge mustard which are difficult to control with conventional chemistry. The Clearfield hybrids exhibit many of the same agronomic characteristics as any other hybrid, but have the added benefit of the option to use Imazamox based products that would damage other OSR varieties.

The clearfield varieties are tolerant to imidazoline herbicides. Imidazoline herbicides are from the same family as the sulfonylurea ALS-inhibiting products which have uses in other crops. A mix of Imazamox and metazachlor, this option prolongs the use period and weed control can be tackled later, perhaps 3-6 weeks post emergence, effectively extending the effectiveness of metazachlor which would usually be used pre-em or early post.

As it is not a requirement to use this chemistry, Clearfield hybrids can be grown usinga conventional OSR growing program, effectively giving another tool to growers who can experience these difficult weeds. In high weed pressure scenarios, Clearfield varieties will significantly out-yield other OSR varieties and also produce a cleaner sample, with fewer oil contaminants.



High oleic low linolenic (HOLL) oil is marketed under the Vistive brand. It’s a healthier vegetable oil, lower in saturated fats and free of trans fatty acids. It’s particularly attractive for large food companies because it offers an alternative to oils they may depend on and they can use it in varying blends. It also has the benefit of local sourcing and is more sustainable. One hectare of oilseed rape will produce more oil with less water than one hectare of sunflowers.

Major fast food restaurants, for example, now fry their chips in British HOLL oil. This is a necessary choice for the fast food industry as it is coming under public scrutiny for its use of trans fatty acids, which is reported to increase the risk of heart disease. It also makes these big oil users less dependent on imported palm oil and sunflower oil. Although normal rapeseed oil is used by the domestic market, it breaks down more quickly than other oils in deep fat fryers. HOLL oil, however, is more stable. Growers benefit from a good premium over double low prices with the usual bonuses for oil, moisture, and admixture.



High erucic acid rape (HEAR) is a special group of rape varieties used in the manufacture of erucamide, which is a slip agent in plastic components included on products such as printing inks and lubricants. Croda, one of the world’s largest oleochemical producers, has a major erucamide production plant in Hull. Frontier sources rape for this plant which has traditionally come from the surrounding regions.

The attraction for the grower is a significant premium over double low OSR, harvest movement and various pricing options to ensure good base prices are achieved.  


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