Harvesting, conditioning and storing crops correctly will maintain the value of the crop and maximise marketing opportunities.

  • Use a professional store with audited performance
  • Cleaning and drying grain is important during a wet harvest or to remove admix
  • Quality storage is particularly important for malting barley.

Correct storage of grain is essential to maintain its quality after harvest and growers should ensure they use a storage facility that is not only registered under the AIC Trade Assurance Scheme (TASCC) but is subject to audit by independent verifiers. Grain is regarded as a primary foodstuff under the Food Safety Act 1990, so stores must be registered with local authorities under the food and feed hygiene regulations.

Frontier’s quality assurance department works closely with our own stores as well as third party stores to monitor storage conditions and recommend remedial action as necessary. If you have any doubts about storage then ask for advice rather than compromise the quality of your grain.

Expert management of grain quality during storage ensures grain supplied to consumers meets contract specifications and complies with food safety laws.

Cleaning and drying grain is often required at harvest, particularly during wet seasons. This will reduce the likelihood of rejections leading to claims, additional haulage and redirection costs. Malting barley requires bespoke storage to ensure it meets contract specifications.

Growers should consider whether to store unpriced grain in order to capitalise on market gains. This is particularly helpful at harvest when there may be an advantage in avoiding pricing at a typically discounted time of the marketing year.

Choosing a store with the facilities and expertise to segregate and blend grain types and qualities will help growers market crops to the most profitable home available.

Frontier has a national storage network, storing up to 750,000 tonnes of grain, oilseed rape and pulses, and can provide advice on all aspects of storage and risk management. 


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