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Sustainable Crop Production


Responsible Choice Production Roundel
We work with UK farmers to support long-term, viable farming systems that increase the longevity of farming businesses, encourage high-quality crop production and help our farmed environment to become more resilient.

This holistic approach that balances food production and the need to maintain and increase natural capital is sustainable crop production.



Helping you navigate funding for sustainable farming

Going forward, there will be opportunities to access both public and private funding for environmental actions and sustainable farming practices due to the shift in support that is increasingly becoming available.

Frontier is uniquely placed in the industry to link growers to these opportunities, working closely with policy makers and helping to faciliate landscape and farm scale supply chain projects that financially reward farmers for implementing more sustainable farming methods.

Unsure of the best approach when it comes to accessing funding for environmental actions on your farm? 
Learn the eight steps to consider and how our teams can help.


Supporting the resilience of your farm business

As well as linking you with opportunities to support the productivity and profitability if your business, our team of experts are also on hand to provide specialist technical advice whenever you need. You can discover more about our solutions in our sustainable crop production model that covers seven focus areas



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7 areas of sustainable crop production

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Crop Growth Cycle
Crop Growth Cycle
Soil Function
Soil Function
Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative Agriculture
Environmental Management
Environmental Management
Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions



Optimised crop production

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Help with product selection, genetic and biological solutions and complete nutrition programmes

Access to the latest variety insights and recommendations based on evidence and extensive research through our trials netowkr. As well as supporting you with product choice, our qualified advisors will help you compile bespoke nutrition programmes to suit your circumstances too, ensuring any actives or ingredients comply with new regulations and the sustainability goals of your business. We can also help with alternative areas of nutrition management, such as the incorporation of catch crops to support IPM strategies, use of biological products or adoption of precision crop production technology to optimise inputs.


Soil health and function

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Helping you to get a greater understanding of your soils with our range of soil analyses

All of our advisors are specialists in soil health and management, ensuring your farm's greatest asset is adequately managed to support long-term food production but also well cared for as a valuable natural capital asset of it's own. Our technical advisors can support you with a range of soil reporting and management packages that are underpinned by advice and recommendations from our soil and plant health experts. A network of farm-based research trials within our 3D Thinking programme also mean we can share scientically-proven management techniques, while services such as precision soil sampling and the provision of specialist environmental crops can help you truly understand what's going on within your fields. 

Discover more. 


Water quality and management

water quality

Support to help you manage and protect water quality on your farm

Water is a valuable natural capital asset and its quality and overall protection are intrinsic to agriculture. It is key to good soil health and structure which are vital for infiltration, flood prevention and sustainable farming systems, with legilsation in place to outline best practice considerations where water and agriculture intercept. Our teams can support you with the appropriate management of water on farm, ensuring this valuable resource is protected in line with regulations such as the Water Framework Directive and crop protection stewardship guidelines. More about how we can support you with water management on farm can be found here.  


Biodiversity and environmental management

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Manage your farm's natural capital through agri-environment and privately funded schemes to support your crop production objectives

Our specialist crops division, Kings Crops, provides a range of services including industry leading seed supply, the preparation and submission of scheme agreements, crop protection and nutrition advice, support with soil management, Environmental Impact Assessments, conservation and sporting expertise and the provision of environmental mapping and recording tools.

Energy and carbon management

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Working with you to understand and manage farm emissions

Given that agriculture is land-based, there is the ability to both reduce emissions and sequester them. Our specialists work with farm businesses to help them better understand their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, while our direct relationships with food processers and retailers mean we can support the wider supply chain to manage Scope 3 emissions in the long term. Key to this work is data capture and interpretation, but we understand that there are nuances for calculating carbon footprints and GHG emissions. With a lot of crop production data captured on farm already, we're working to support farms and supply chains with the requirements of reporting to meet future sustainability goals.

Business insights

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Keep every element of your business at your fingertips with our farm management platform, MyFarm 

From general farm account management through to planning and recording all of your agronomy, grain marketing, environmental and precision farming actions, MyFarm makes it easy to take a whole-farm approach to sustainable crop production. MyFarm's analytics tools powered by Yagro support you to monitor business peformance and cost of production metrics to aid future decisions, with sight of all your records, access to risk management tools and the option to use interactive maps from SOYL's MySOYL application helping you make informed decisions and easily evidence your work.

Find out more about MyFarm  |  Learn more about SOYL

Legislative compliance

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Get support with farm policy, legal obligations, cross-compliance, Farm Assurance schemes and stewardship

With the expertise of our MyCompliance team you can check your farm is meeting regulations relating to water quality, nutrient availability, integrated pest management, pollution, the protection of habitats and overall farm biodiversity. All of the support provided is bespoke to you and supports with audits and inspections.

Click here for more detail about MyCompliance.


The Responsible Choice

As well as supporting UK farmers, at Frontier we're taking a strategic approach to growing our own business in a sustainable way through The Responsible Choice (TRC).

You can learn more about our sustainability strategy, including our commitment to lower carbon emissions from our own operations, here.



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