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Limus Clear

Limus® Perform

Available exclusively from Frontier Agriculture, Limus® Perform is a urease inhibitor that helps to minimise nitrogen losses from liquid fertiliser to improve crop performance and profitability.





The benefits of Limus® Perform

Limus Clear

It improves Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) by reducing ammonia emissions by up to 98%.

The active ingredients in Limus Perform bind to urease enzymes to control the conversion of urea, significantly reducing the amount of ammonia that can be lost to the atmosphere.

Limus Clear

It is the only urease inhibitor with two active ingredients, NBPT and NPPT.

This means that Limus Perform can bind to a wider range of urease enzymes, making it more effective at preventing nitrogen losses.

Limus Clear

Trials show that Limus Perform improves yield and increases profit.

ADAS-managed tramline trials showed on average a yield benefit of 0.23t/ha and a margin over input cost (MOIC) of £30/ha when Limus Perform was added with the final two or three liquid fertiliser applications.  You can view the trial results in more detail here and learn more about the experience of one farmer in this case study.

Limus Clear

‘Decision on the day’ allows flexibility to manage and react to the levels of risk. 

The ability to simply tank mix the product with the liquid fertiliser as the sprayer is being filled means the decision to include the product or not can be made on the day of application based on the perceived level of risk and prevailing conditions.

Limus Clear

Low-cost addition with the potential for a significant return on investment.

The very low inclusion rate, with a maximum of 1 litre per 1000litres (and often around 0.7 to 0.8 litres) means the cost per hectare is very low. This depends on the amount of nitrogen being applied but it is usually only between £2-5/ha per application.

Limus Clear

Fully compatible with all liquid fertilisers (straight N and NS grades).

There is a specific inclusion rate for each individual liquid fertiliser grade that matches to the level of urea in the product. You can read more about these here.




The risk of nitrogen losses

Liquid fertilisers can be prone to ammonia volatilisation (nitrogen losses) and DEFRA trials showed that 14% of applied nitrogen was lost on average.

When urea is applied to a crop – either as solid urea or within a liquid fertiliser – it has to be converted to ammonium by urease enzymes to be taken up by the crop. However, in warm, dry conditions during application, rapid conversion can lead to a spike in soil pH. This can cause the ammonium to convert into ammonia gas which is then lost to the atmosphere.

Put simply, a proportion of nitrogen in every application could be lost to the atmosphere before it can be taken up by the crop.  

Risk factors for nitrogen loss

Ammonia volatilisation occurs most frequently under the following conditions:

  • In warm temperatures
  • On dry soils, particularly at the surface
  • Forecast for little rainfall (less than 10mm) within 48 hours after application
  • On alkaline (high pH) soils.

If your crops are subject to one or more of the above conditions, an addition of Limus Perform should be considered to minimise nitrogen loss.

What is an urease inhibitor?

An urease inhibitor temporarily binds to the urease enzymes in the soil, controlling the urea conversion and preventing a pH spike in the soil to reduce the loss of nitrogen as ammonia gas.

Trials have shown that Limus Perform can reduce these losses by up to 98%, making more nitrogen available to the crop to improve nitrogen use efficiency and subsequent yield, quality and margin.



Applying Limus Perform


Fill your spray tank with half the required amount of liquid fertiliser


Add the correct inclusion rate of Limus Perform and mix thoroughly


The remaining fertiliser should be added while you continue to mix


The tank mix should be used within 5 days

More detail about application rates in relation to your specific fertiliser grades can be found in this brochure.




Find out more

To learn more about Limus Perform and how it could benefit you, please speak to your Frontier contact or get in touch.




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