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Grain storage and marketing


Grain consumers' expectations around attention to detail, technical expertise and understanding of the supply chain are rising, while Government and authority storage regulations continue to grow in complexity. At Frontier, our core group of dedicated industry-leading lab and store staff mean that we are always at the forefront of developments and able to support farmers across the UK.




Wherever you are there's a Frontier grain store nearby


Frontier is the UK’s largest grain storekeeper, with 800,000 tonnes of capacity available to growers of combinable crops.

80% of arable farmers will be within 40 miles of a Frontier storage facility. Our customers can take advantage of professional storage with the highest quality standards, as well as vital services such as grain conditioning, cleaning and drying.


We partner with a number of grain storage specialists all around the country to support UK farmers, as well as operate strategically placed, Frontier-owned stores in:

  • Aylsham
  • Cranswick
  • Crimond
  • Diss
  • Eye
  • Holme-on-Spalding-Moor
  • Ruddington
  • King's Lynn
  • Lowick
  • Newmachar
  • Southampton
  • Staughton
  • Topcliffe
  • Wingham


                                           Our nationwide network of stores offers:

Professional storage with fully audited quality standards

Cleaning and drying facilities

Competitive rental rates

Opportunities for unpriced storage to capitalise on market gains

Bespoke barley storage with links to maltsters and distillers.




Testing protocol

Every harvest has its challenges so ensuring safe, efficient storage is important to protect yield and grain quality. Once your crop arrives at a Frontier store, our team of lab and store specialists work together to make sure that harvest quality is maintained for as long as the crop is with us. Fair and representative sampling from the lorry on the weighbridge allows for rigorous testing, with the results helping us to understand the crop’s characteristics and you to maximise its potential value.Our lab teams pride themselves on their technical expertise and use specialist analysis equipment so that:

  • You know the standard of your spec across all your tonnage
  • The storekeeper can handle the grain accordingly
  • End consumers receive the variety best suited to their produce
  • Traceability and transparency along the supply chain is maintained.

 Frontier customers can access grain movement and sample result history at any time via MyAccount in Frontier's MyFarm platform


Storage process

Following testing, your grain will be handled according to the results (dried, cleaned or tipped direct to store). Prior to harvest we carry out careful preparation of all storage locations, including extensive cleaning and sanitisation. Once grain reaches the store, our storekeepers will monitor each load tipped so that every commodity is stored to specific customer requirements.

We store product for up to 12 months, with tipped grain reduced to safe levels quickly by constantly monitoring temperatures and other properties. We also carry out frequent sampling and testing across the storage period. 

As well as our own grain stores, we work with a network of third-party professional storekeepers and storage co-operatives to provide growers with a comprehensive range of options across multiple regions. 

Learn more about our Professional Storage Standards.


Grain marketing options

Frontier offers a full range of marketing options and tools in combination with cost-effective storage, allowing you complete marketing flexibility. For information or help with storage queries, please contact your local farm trader or get in touch.


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Marketing Partnerships

Frontier is a trusted marketing partner for many professional grain handling and storage co-operatives.   


frontier truck loading low res

Risk Management

Find out more We have several services to help you manage risk when it comes to selling your grain, including the Frontier pool, our own vehicle fleet to aid movement and extensive export opportunities.





MyFarm’s MyCropMarketing tool lets you to access market information and live pricing 24-7, as well as trade grain.



For information or help with storage queries, please contact your local farm trader or get in touch.

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