Frontrunner - 20th April 2018

  WHEAT Complex home trade Domestic UK markets have continued to focus on logistic issues which are now an integral feature and constraining natu...
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#FrontierSouth - Moisture meters: not glamorous but very important

Often overlooked, the humble grain moisture meter is a significant piece of equipment that can help to determine the key characteristics of your crop ...
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Spring pulse sowing

Almost the entire country has fallen foul to the wet weather this spring. Apart from a very short break just before Easter, the severity of the recent...
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#FrontierEast – Our 3D Thinking programme

Earlier in the year, we hosted two meetings in the eastern region. With our 3D Thinking open days just around the corner and the opportunity to contin...
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Frontrunner - 13th April 2018

WHEAT World round-up US wheat futures fell steadily this week following better forecasts for the drought-stricken Plains. This is good news for winter...
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Protecting soil from erosion

At the Oxford Farming Conference, Michael Gove spoke to growers about the increasing pressures on our agricultural industry. One of the most influenti...
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Review your application plans for grassland

​I doubt it comes as much of a surprise that, as with our arable crops , the severe weather of late has significantly delayed nitrogen applications to...
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Delayed applications for arable crops – what next?

While a distant memory, the warm, dry weather of October and November allowed most winter crops to be drilled in fairly good conditions and establish ...
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Thoughts from the field

Over the last two weeks, my travels have taken me as far as the Scottish Borders right down to glorious Exmoor. Along the way I've been stopping off t...
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Variable rate nitrogen - A different perspective

At our recent workshops, I addressed variable rate nitrogen and some of the often 'overlooked' added benefits associated with it.  We have always...
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Technological innovations

Well, the winter workshop campaign has finished for another year and was hugely successful – it is always a pleasure to tour the country seeing our cu...
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Variable rate plant growth regulators (PGRs)

SOYL have been conducting trials using variable rate plant growth regulators (PGRs) on both winter oilseed rape and winter wheat. The premise for vari...
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Crucial considerations for successful spring crop establishment following cover crops

By now, most farmers have destroyed their cover crops and are waiting for the 'ideal' time to drill their spring crops. On heavy land however, that 'i...
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Precision farming and grassland

Over the past few seasons, SOYL has been developing precision farming services for the grassland industry. Grass is the UK's largest crop and is grown...
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Precision soil management

Over the past decade the national average wheat yield has remained relatively static at around 8.5 t/ha. However, set this against the biophysical pot...
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Magnesium - the forgotten nutrient?

At our winter workshops, we discussed the importance of magnesium. It is essential for plant development and occurs naturally in soils across the...
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Does water quality really influence pesticide performance?

While everyone understands the chemical disposition of water as H 2 O, it actually contains an abundance of ions such as sodium, potassium, chloride, ...
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#FrontierWest - Discovering and managing yellow rust

Although the 'beast from the east' has now left us, it certainly made an impact in Herefordshire by bringing with it a blanket of snow and -5 temperat...
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SOYL Winter Workshop Roundup

Just a couple of weeks ago, we drew our Winter Workshop series to a close in Hampshire. Our time on the road took us to a wide range of locations acro...
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What is so special about iSOYL?

We get a huge amount of interest in our iPad app, iSOYL. It is used by over 1,000 customers around the world who find it to be a simple and effective ...
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