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Grain Sampling

It is vital to sample your grain to ensure you have a sound understanding of what is in your store and how best to market it. The challenge in grain sampling, however, is to obtain a representative sample that will accurately reflect the characteristics of the whole bulk.


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The importance of safe and efficient sampling

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How to carry out self sampling on your farm

General Self Sampling Grower Guidelines

The best opportunity for sampling is during the filling of your store, as this allows for regular, incremental samples to be taken from each load.

These samples help to form one aggregate sample, from which a final representative buyer sample can be prepared. This can then be picked up by our grain collectors and taken for analysis. The test results from these kind of samples will better represent the bulk compared to those obtained by spearing heaps. You'll gain a much better understanding of the variability of your grain, which will aid your marketing decisions and help to ensure that your grain meets contract specifications.

Follow the AHDB Grain Sampling Guide or view Frontier's grain sampling instructions for advice on self sampling for testing at Frontier lab. 

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If you would like advice about self sampling, wish to arrange for a supply of sample bags or would like information around lab testing and marketing, please get in touch with your local Frontier farm trader or contact Frontier directly.

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