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Frontier is a proud partner of Warburtons and is responsible for sourcing all of the UK milling wheat used in its range of bakery products.


Championing sustainable crop production

The partnership between Frontier and Warburtons offers milling wheat growers across the country some excellent opportunities. It is centred on a commitment to sustainable crop production and supports UK farmers to add value to the supply chain through shared knowledge and expertise.  


The Warburtons Growers Group

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Frontier growers who meet the contractual requirements and protocols for growing Warburtons wheat can become part of the Warburtons Growers Group.

The Group facilitates the supply of wheat from over 200 farmers to five UK flour mills located in Whitley Bridge, Wellingborough, Peterborough, Harlow and Kirkcaldy.

Eligible growers must grow wheat approximately within a 50-mile radius of a mill or port that is supplying the mill and crucially, must show a commitment to developing sustainable farming practices in line with future agricultural policies.

A premium contract

Growers supplying wheat as part of the Warburtons Growers Group can earn a min/max premium over the feed wheat price in the locality of the nearest Warburtons mill.


The benefits

Growers who are part of the Warburtons Growers Group benefit from end-to-end support via Frontier’s specialist teams. As well as receiving market insights and grain trading expertise, every grower will have access to:

  • A Frontier agronomist to help meet contract specifications
  • A supply of certified, high quality seed from Frontier or GFP Agriculture
  • Technical expertise on crop protection and nutrition strategies
  • Precision technology services and support from SOYL
  • Environmental management and stewardship guidance from Kings Crops
  • A range of digital solutions through Frontier’s MyFarm platform. 


A choice of marketing options

If supplying wheat to Warburtons, growers have a choice of Frontier marketing options:

  • Utilising the Frontier wheat pool (which also attracts a Warburtons premium). Learn more about the Frontier pools
  • The choice to price own tonnage throughout the year
  • A combination of the above. 


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Find out more

If you have questions about the Warburtons Growers Group, or would like to know more about the contract specifications, protocol and eligibility for supplying Warburtons, please speak to your Frontier farm trader or agronomist.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here.


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