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Minimise the impact of CSFB by getting oilseed rape off to the best start

Despite recent challenges, oilseed rape (OSR) remains a profitable break crop which can also aid grassweed control in your rotation. Of course, success is dependent on good establishment, which in turn relies on strong attention to detail.

Although recent weather patterns may have presented some difficulties for other combinable crops during the harvest period, there is a silver lining in that the increased soil moisture will aid seedbed preparation and drilling. 

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The importance of T0 applications this season

February may have been dryer and milder than average, but excessive rainfall in March has not only caused a backlog of fieldwork but also increased disease pressure.

The subsequent delay to the application of T0s presents questions about how they should be approached given the conditions. Today, there are increasing reports of Septoria showing itself on the lower leaves in the crop canopy and this will have inevitably splashed up the crop in the rain over the recent weeks, with the risk even greater in denser, high-biomass crops. Early nitrogen applications in February will also stimulate early growth which, if not addressed at T0 with a plant growth regulator (PGR) application, could lead to increased lodging risk.
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