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Carbon Farming: Part Three


Assistance for carbon management

Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs)

In our last two carbon management blogs, we've been talking about the role agriculture plays in annual carbon emissions and the ways in which growers can reduce their environmental impact through natural capital management. If you missed these, you can click here to read part one and part two.

Now, while many farmers are choosing to take progressive steps towards carbon management, the law also obligates conventional farmers with over 15 acres of land to create Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs).

These areas can be created in a number of ways:

  • Fallows
  • Buffer strips
  • Catch and cover crops.

Our Kings Crops division offers specialist guidance and advice on all of the above. Find out more.


Fortunately, the government doesn't expect you to pay for carbon management measures out of pocket. Stewardship schemes are available to help integrate many of these actions into a profitable farming business. These schemes cover creating natural habitats, planting hedgerows, creating woodland, as well as providing funding for introducing grass leys, utilising cover crops and managing stubbles.

In areas targeted for Catchment Sensitive Farming, there are also opportunities to help manage pesticide handling areas and slurries and manures.

Kings offers expert stewardship advice, support, and scheme maintenance packages to our customers. Browse our latest Kings catalogue online to find out more. Alternatively, contact your Kings adviser or get in touch with the team here.

The responsibility of sustainable farming

Certainly, agriculture plays a significant role in the volume of greenhouse gases produced annually. However, agriculture also has the potential to become a large part of the solution. Perhaps more so than any other industry, agriculture is well-placed to achieve net-zero carbon through the adoption of more sustainable practices and creative use of land.

In essence, each and every farmer has the option to make more sustainable choices – especially in light of government support and new and emerging technologies for this purpose.

Your partners in carbon farming

Frontier and its divisions are equipped with a vast network of agronomists, trial sites, researchers and experts in agriculture. What's more, we are on the frontline of farming technologies, especially where those technologies benefit the farmer. Precision farming, soil testing, and land management are all part of our portfolio of services, as well as many more.

To find out how we can help you manage carbon on your land, contact us today.

Jamie Stotzka

Soil & Plant Health Specialist

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Frontrunner - 15th May 2020
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