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What value can MySOYL bring to your farm business?


In my role as MySOYL Business Lead, I regularly talk to customers who are looking to find new technology to make their farms more efficient and profitable. In these conversations, one of the most common questions I get asked is "What is MySOYL and how can it help me?"

For those of you wondering the same, I thought I'd use this blog to answer this question (and others I regularly get) while highlighting the features that make MySOYL so innovative. 

First things first, what is MySOYL?

MySOYL, part of Frontier's farm management platform MyFarm, is a purpose built web application for growers to analyse their precision farming data and manage all of their precision farming operations. Comprised of a range of tools, the application allows growers to make everything from seed rate files to nitrogen maps, view multiple layers of farm data and biomass imagery and interrogate different scenarios.

How can MySOYL's features help you and your farm?

Having given an overview of what MySOYL is, many of my customers are then intrigued to know how the benefits of its precision tools can be realised on their own farm. By drilling into some of the detail around their purpose and functionality, it's easy to explain and show why they add such value.

Monitor financial performance

The latest exciting update to MySOYL is a new tool that allows you to combine multiple years of yield data to produce 'margin maps'. This means that you can monitor the financial performance of your fields throughout the rotation, easily identifying any areas that are causing losses throughout your cropping cycle. As a result, you can make more informed decisions on future cropping choices or stewardship and greening locations.

For a more detailed explanation of how the margin maps work, view our video tutorial.

View and compare precision data

You can quickly and easily compare up to eight layers of data across multiple years to identify trends in field performance. With our award winning yield insight tool you can highlight the high and low performing areas of your farm and use this information to inform future rotations and management policies. 

Variable rate applications

You can create your own variable rate seed, nitrogen and lime plans in a matter of minutes using MySOYL's intuitive tools, giving you complete control of your variable rate applications. Application files for your plans can be uploaded directly to our iSOYL app for use in the tractor cab and you can track your applications through the year. Alternatively, your files can be exported directly from the platform to suit a range of variable rate controllers. 

Manage cropping records

The ability to review your cropping and field records for previous years is handy during those times when you can't remember what you did with your straw or which variety of wheat you grew in that trial field three years ago. After inputting cropping information for the upcoming harvest year, this is sent directly to the SOYL applications team to generate your fertiliser recommendations. No paper or e-mail needed!

In-field observations

Sync your field walking observations to MySOYL from our field scouting app, iSOYL Scout. Whether you are noting plant counts or just blocked drains, this information can be GPS logged in your MySOYL account. You can then link up with your agronomist to see the results of their crop walking and share precise locations of areas of interest or concern. Any observations can be used to customise and enhance your variable rate applications by incorporating them into your variable rate plans. 

Biomass imagery

You can use satellite imagery to help you manage your crops throughout the year, from monitoring crop establishment in the autumn to making variable rate nitrogen and PGR plans in the spring. With our five-year archive of imagery, you can compare current crops with previous crops to determine any common trends or areas to investigate. You can read more about how to get the most from biomass imagery in this previous blog

How do you get set up with MySOYL?

SOYL is hosting a series of 17 winter training events with parent company, Frontier Agriculture and specialist crop experts, Kings Crops. The events are open to all farmers interested in learning more about the use of digital technology to improve crop production performance and will include valuable insight into MyFarm and its role as a complete farm management platform. There will also be the opportunity to discover more about MySOYL, 'precision conservation' and digital agronomy.

You can find your local event and book your place by visiting our website

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